Donation Matching & Double the Donation
Nonprofits can now enable our Double the Donation integration in order to seamlessly enable company matching onto our platform. When a donor inputs their employer on our form, they will be given an email after they donate to match their donation on their employee giving platform.
Custom Option Fields
Nonprofits can now add custom input fields to their donation forms in order to garner more information from their donors when they make a donation.
Multiple Recurring Options
Previously on CharityStack, donors were only able to donate only One-Time and Monthly. Now, donors are able to donate Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annually now. Nonprofits will be able to enable multiple recurring options on the dashboard.
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About CharityStack:
CharityStack is an AI-Powered fundraising, CRM, and engagement platform that aims to completely automate any back-office work that nonprofits have to do. The vision for CharityStack is to eliminate operational overhead so that nonprofits can completely focus on solving the world's toughest problems.
CharityStack has three specific product areas.
  • Fundraising:
    Products specifically built to easily accept donations from any medium.
  • CRM:
    Products specifically built to better organized donor data with AI-powered analytics.
  • Engagement:
    Products specifically built to automate the donor relationship process through generative AI.
Current Products:
Embedded Donation Form:
A checkout form that nonprofits are able to accept donations on their website. Features include:
  • Donor Information Inputs
  • Recurring Donations
  • Default Donation Amounts
  • Fund Selection
  • Scheduled recurring donation end
  • Covering Fees
  • Credit Card
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Instant Bank Transfer via Plaid
Dashboard _ Donation Page
Nonprofit Dashboard:
An internal site for the nonprofit to easily analyze their fundraising and donor data. Features include:
  • Pages dedicated to Donations, Donors, Funds, Forms, & Payouts
  • Filtering data
  • Exporting data to a CSV
  • Creating/Editing unlimited donation forms
  • Creating/Editing tax-receipt email templates
  • Connecting 3rd part integrations
Donor Portal:
An external site for the donor to easily see how much they've donated and adjust their recurring donation. Features include:
  • Secured magic link sign-on
  • View of the total donation amount
  • View of donor information
  • Updating donation amount
  • Updating the next charge date
  • Updating designated fund
  • Canceling recurring donation
  • Updating payment method